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NEWS:Gemma has been featured in the May 2011 Cat Fancy Magazine Siberian Cat article on pg 28. Thank you, Helmi Flick for the photo and submission!

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image of red classic siberian kitten male Pendraig Quantocius.
Pendraig Quantocius @ 6 months old

Thank you to Nadezhda Siberians & their boy Zoran, his sire.
Photo by Helmi Flick � 2011

Meet Our Siberian Cat Kings

- Dedicated to bringing you the healthiest Siberian kittens around because we believe in True Love For Life.

Updated: :

We have Siberian kittens for Sale! Summer is here Sale!

Welcome to Our Kings Showcase

Here you can get to know a little about each of our Siberian Studs, past and present, as well as get some insight into our future plans.  We are very proud of our Siberian Cat studs and we know they will produce outstanding kittens and steal hearts in the show ring.

We have come a long way from very humble beginnings and many ups and downs.  And while we may not have made huge ripples in the show halls yet we know we are on our way up and our lines are coming into their own.  These latest generations have made a larger impact and our lines are reaching out with unique opportunities spanning 3 continents and four countries.  We are truly honored and blessed to have our cattery and lines interwoven into the very fabric of the breed all over the world and especially our latest cooperation with a wonderful new breeder in Australia.

We are proud of our progress thus far and we expect great things to come. Thank you to our past boys for all their love.

Pendraig Quantocius

Image of red classic tabby Quantocius the Siberian cat.

Pendraig Quantocius(Q)
Color: Red Classic Tabby (SIB d 22)

Traditional Siberian Cat (golden carrier)

My most darling, huge, bear of a cat and love of my life named for the online avatar of my hubby when we first met.  Q is everything I ever wanted in a Siberian cat and more.


    Health Screening &Color/Pattern
  • FIV & FeLV Negative
  • HCM Scans: Normal by Dr. Katie Meier 2013
  • PKD1 via DNA pending
  • PK Deficiency pending
  • Bloodtype:
  • Colorpoint: C/Pending
  • Agouti: A/Pending
  • Dilute: D/Pending

Bred in collaboration with Nadezhda Siberians

Image of red classic tabby Quantocius the Siberian cat.

Read more about the The story of Quantocius soon

(Photos by Dawn Campbell 2013 & Helmi Flick © 2011)

Pendraig Xanthos Emrys SunFire

Image of golden classic tabby Siberian Cat Emrys

Image of golden tabby Siberian Cat Emrys

Pendraig Xanthos Emrys(Emrys)
Color: Golden Shaded Tabby (SIB ny 22)

Golden Siberian Cat


    Health Screening & Color/Pattern
  • FIV & FeLV Negative
  • HCM Scans: Normal by Dr. Katie Meier 2014
  • PKD1 via DNA pending
  • PK Deficiency pending
  • Bloodtype: Pending
  • Colorpoint: Pending
  • Agouti: A/Pending
  • Dilute: D/Pending

Emrys --- golden boy brings our golden line forward and merges it with our premier foundation SunFire line.

Emrys has the best personality.  He is a devoted lover boy, with an outgoing and inquisitive personality.  He purrs with abandon and comes when called or when anyone snaps their fingers.  He is eager to greet us at the door upon returning home and to see Daddy off to work yammering for attention before he shuts the front door.

Emrys is fearless and adventurous and we look forward to showing him, training him for walks and meet and greet engagements as well as public out reach.  I've even considered training him as a therapy animal for sick people and the elderly.   He loves meeting new people and in an very uncat-like way enjoys new scenery and excitement.

We are very excited to show him this coming year and to see the types of kittens he produces. He will be our main stud for producing rare and gorgeous golden Siberian cats.

(Photos by Dawn Campbell � 2012-2014)

Image of golden carrier tabby Siberian Cat Stud imported from Polish Amavi cattery to US Pendraig Siberians by Dawn Campbell in TexasAmavi La'Shawn
Color: Brown Mackerel Tabby (SIB n 23)

carries Golden


    Health Screening & Color/Pattern
  • FIV & FeLV Negative
  •  HCM Scans: HCM Neg by Dr. Katie Meier 2013, 2014
  • PKD1 via DNA pending
  • PK Deficiency pending
  • Bloodtype:
  • Colorpoint: C/Pending
  • Agouti: A/Pending
  • Dilute: D/Pending

(Photos by Dawn Campbell & Amavi Siberians  2012, 2013)

Image of Golden Siberian KittenAKA Tiger - this beautiful, sweet and gentle boy is our son's favorite stud cat and he has declared him the most beautiful Siberian cat in the world.� Tiger has proven himself a fertile father of beautiful, healthy and sweet kittens that he dotes upon.

He brings to our lines outstanding quality, coat, amazing size and heavy boning. Gabriel and I are in absolute love with him. Gabriel named him "Tiger" because of his beautiful dramatic striping.

We look forward to building our golden program with this boy and he has already linked his line to our SunFire line with our Queen Pendraig Lone Star SunFire.

Alter: Pendraig Otto

Image of brown tabby Siberian cat Otto.
Pendraig Otto (alter)
Photo by Helmi Flick � 2011

Siberian Cat Male Alters

Pendraig Otto (Otto)
Color: Brown Classic Tabby (SIB n 22)

Birthdate: September 11, 2010
Dam: Pendraig Eowyn Grigorevna Black
Sire: TGC Jorrah Karat

Traditional Siberian Cat (alter). Owned by my son and I, and Gabriel's Junior Exhibitor cat. Otto was returned to us when his home could no longer keep him and he bonded with my son so here he stays. He was a good sport being shown and received his Champion title.

Read more about the Siberian Cat Alter Pendraig Otto

RETIRED KING: Pendraig Rhys Emrys

Image of Golden Siberian Kitten

Pendraig Rhys Emrys(Rhys)
Color: Golden Shaded Tabby (SIB ny 11)

Golden Siberian Cat


FIV & FeLV Negative
HCM Screening Normal 2012
PKD Neg via DNA

Read more about the Rhys coming soon

Retired 2013 - no longer residing with Pendraig

(Photo by Dawn Campbell � 2012)


Image of Golden Siberian Kitten

Retired King-

Thank you Karat for your service!! We love you and cherish the gift we are now able to grant you with retirement.

TGC Jorrah Karat (Karat)
Color: Brown Spotted Tabby (SIB n 24)

Traditional Siberian Cat (golden carrier)


FIV & FeLV Negative / HCM Screening Normal 2010

Read more about the Siberian Cat Retiree Jorrah Karat.

Retired - no longer residing with Pendraig

Siberian Cat Studs of Pendraig

Currently we have three active Kings, one newly aged into studding and will sire his first litters in 2014 (Emrys). We are pleased and delighted with our first golden classic Siberian cat stud Pendraig Xanthos Emrys SunFire (Emrys) to carry on our original golden line now joined with our foundation SunFire line.

We have the tried and true supreme sire Pendraig Quantocius a red classic tabby continuing this year forward. He has a legacy of producing exceptional kittens that we are positive will be sweeping the show halls soon. His kittens are unmistakable as he stamps them strongly with his large size, dense and heavy boning, exceptional ear set, dense coat and loving spirit.

We have also have our beautiful Polish import La'Shawn Amavi. He is a gorgeous golden carrier that brings us more size, beautiful ears and intense green eyes, dense boning and perfect personalities. His kittens are also distinct and tend to inherit his alluring lynx tips on the ears.

We have finally achieved our lofty goa and have augmented and combined our lines with quality traditional, multi-champion, and rare foundation lines. Through Emrys we are delighted to have married our unique foundation lines and US lines with some of the best that the Traditional lines have to offer and all in a low COI golden beauty.

We ended our first decade as breeders with this amazing culmination that is going to bring us to our goal of excellent type Siberian cats that people will recognize as being from Pendraig lines. We have created something new using the exceptional work of other great breeders and bringing in new bloodlines to widen the gene pool.Pendraig Siberian cats are large, solid and impressive cats with bright and vivid colors and patterns.As we breed Tiger into our lines we will also harness what some call "wild" type of the forest cat that we have long adored.�

We are happy to have moved miles away from the more mundane old-style Persian look that was popular here in the United States. Traditional catteries in the USA are changing this and we are proud to be a part of it.  We are also proud to have created an exclusive and inclusive golden Siberian cat program along with our red program that balances superb type, coats and health that some golden lines are lacking. This is an exciting time for us. We also continue one of the best red programs in the world.

We breed only traditional Siberian cats that represent the true breed as it developed in Russia.

We test all of our active breeding stock to insure they are negative for the color point gene as well as various health issues known to be in our breed (if rare).  We have not placed many cats in breeding homes but those breeders we choose to work with are carefully selected.  We are honored and proud to be working with some amazing breeders in the USA, Canada, Australia and Norway.


*For a definition of colors please visit: TICA's Color Guide

Please contact us for more information  All our health screenings are available upon request to serious inquiries only.

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