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Summer 2015: Siberian Kittens on sale!

05/23/2015 Rare goldens! Buy a Siberian Kitten!

Newborn Siberian Kittens have Arrived! Reserve yours today!

Siberian Cats Retiring & Rehome - We have 3 adultes to retire, find your true love Siberian Cat here and save by adopting a loving, healthy adult ready to retire.

WAIT! Before picking out a kitten read our Purchase Procedures . All Kittens sold by contract.

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Eco-Friendly Cattery--

We use non-toxic, environmentally safe cleansers, disinfectants and natural litters that are biodegradable.

Show your love for the planet by getting a truly healthy kitten from a cattery that does things naturally!

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NEWS:Gemma has been featured in the May 2011 Cat Fancy Magazine Siberian Cat article on pg 28. Thank you, Helmi Flick for the photo and submission!

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About Us

The Meaning of Pendraig

Pendraig, it is the Welsh version of Pendragon. "From the very first records of the Welsh language the words 'draig,' 'dragon' mean 'warrior' and great warriors are referred to as 'pendraig,' 'pendragon,' i.e. 'chief dragon'." King Arthur Pendragon was first mentioned in the Mabinogion (Welsh Folklore and mythology) and has long been a legend among the Celts and an example of all that is kingly

Pendraig strives to be the King among catteries, offering the ultimate Siberian Cats to be found with unrivaled health, temperaments, nutritional foundation, and beauty.

  • Pendraig means we believe in the health and integrity of our cats and we know you will too. 
  • Pendraig means your cat or kitten comes with a benefits and care package exclusively offered from this cattery.
  • Pendraig means cats and kittens that are raised on only the best diet and natural health care we can provide, backed by years of intensive research.
  • Pendraig means we spare no expense on our Siberians and this unstinting devotion to quality shows in each and every kitten we produce. 
  • Pendraig means naturally superior, love for life, and the cattery you can trust.



Our Dedication to the Siberian Cat Breed

Doug holding Sonja
Doug and Gabriel Campbell at the Pumpkin Patch 2007.
Photo by Dawn Campbell © 2006

We are dedicated to breeding the healthy, well balanced, social, loving, sweet, affectionate and gorgeous Siberian cats. We spend countless hours researching pedigrees, breeding practices, genenetics, natural diets, holistic health care and every other aspect of cat breeding and ownership. We also put our money where our mouth is and pledge a portion of each kitten or cat sale will be donated to HCM Research, Winn Foundation's FIP Research Fund as well as cat rescue groups.

As a breeder I take my job seriously and part of my duty is to be as well informed and educated as possible. To that end I am participating in various training and courses to help improve my skills and education in animal husbandry, genetics, breeding, cat nutrition, cat health, cat behavior and cattery management. See my online Siberian Cat Breeder Resume for more detailed information of my accomplishments, current pursuits and future plans.

You can be assured I am no casual, backyard breeder out to make a quick buck. I am dedicated to these beloved cats, the breed and improving my cattery in every way I can. My love of this breed shines through with every effort I make towards a better tomorrow and I hope to share it with you.


About Doug, Dawn and Gabriel Campbell

My name is Dawn, owner and creator of Pendraig Siberians.  I’d like to tell you a little bit about us.  My husband Doug, our newborn son Gabriel, and our animal “children” live near Austin, Texas.  Austin has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Besides our cats we also have an Anatolian Shepherd Dog we call Connor. We recently lost our beloved dog, Severn, a gorgeous Chesapeake Bay Retriever to DCM.   He was Doug’s special dog and came into my life with Doug. We miss him terribly as do his kitty buddies and, Connor.

We are starting up our farm and hope to bring our same ideals for animal care and breeding to our farm endeavours, goats, sheep and Anatolian Shepherd Dogs.  We will be practicing sustainable agriculture and practicing the Natural Rearing model with our livestock as well.

Right now I work from home on contracts for Web Design, among other things.  Besides starting up a business related to the farm I am also working on a project that utilizes my design skills.

Doug and Gabriel, My boys!! =)
My boys, Doug and Gabriel .
Photo by Dawn Campbell © 2006
Doug is an electrician and works long hours to help us pay the bills and help fund my expensive cat breeding enterprise.  His hard earned money often gets put towards emergencies (like the one in October 2006 that ran us $2500+).  Anyone who thinks this is a money-making venture should think again.

We were married in a wonderful, but small, ceremony and the greatest joy of our lives was born August 31, 2007. Gabriel is definitely the light of our lives and an important part of our socialization and training of our kittens. Each kitten is now kid proofed from ayoung age and it is easier to assess which kittens will do best with small children and which would do better in a quieter home. He loves each and every "Kiki" and has an empathy and understanding of them that is truly a gift.

I feel so blessed in my family. Doug is all I could ask for in a husband and a “father” to our animals and our beloved son.  He is the rock of this family and our shelter and strength.  We love him dearly.  He professes to not be a “cat person” yet has an uncanny way with them I had only seen with myself.  He has declared certain queens his own princesses and he takes great pride in our show wins but also in our cats behaving well and giving it their best even if they do not win. He helps bolster my spirits when things get tough and he shares the joys we have with each new litter, each success and each triumph. The cats themselves seem to adore him and a few in particular care more for him than me. If it wasn’t Doug I might be jealous, but I always have my adorable Sonja, and now Esenia Auric who are supremely devoted to me and also to our son. Now if only they could quite being jealous of one another and get along better.

A little back history on me: 

I used to spend a good deal of time playing online games when i was single.  now with a family there is no time for such pastimes and running the cattery.
Dawn Campbell wearing gaming headphones .
Photo by Dawn Campbell © 2005

I have long had an affinity with animals, as my mother calls it.  They were always drawn to me and me to them.  Any resident feral cats in the neighborhood would seem to forget they were feral and befriend me.  Lost dogs would follow me home but I was never allowed to keep them.  Horses delighted me and seemed to speak to me but I was never allowed to work with them.  Now as an adult I can live and fulfill those dreams of childhood and the memory of my animal friends stays with me.

One in particular stands out in my memory because she was somewhat like a Siberian color-point.  I was 7 and had just left everything I knew and moved from Texas to San Diego, California.  I was miserable.  Texas was in my blood, several generations back, and we had been uprooted and forced to move.  The other children laughed at my “funny accent” and I felt alone and isolated.  I wasn’t allowed, at the time, to have any pets and I was very lonely.  One day I met a feral cat that lived on our street and avoided most people.  Despite my young age I was extremely patient and seemed to understand how to interact with her.  She grew to be quite fond of me and seemed to look forward to me coming home from school.  She would wait in the shadows of a nearby bush, or

My baby brother Josh with Lady
My brother Josh with Lady
Photo by Dawn Luttrall © 1990
the corner of the house, until I was alone and could play with her.

One day, after she had disappeared for a few weeks and I couldn’t find her, she found me and insisted I follow her.  So I did.  She led me to her litter of kittens as if to show me our new family.  I spent time there nearly every day and when the kittens were old enough I begged and begged my mom to let me keep one (or two) and help me find homes for the others.  Dad was dead set against it because we rented and back then it was almost impossible to find leases that allowed pets.  My mom persevered however, and we had two of her kittens in our home and the others found homes to call their own.  One that we kept and named Lady was the spitting image of her dear mother.  The other was a red tabby named Tiger and he started my long adoration of the red cats.

Eventually I had to move away, again, and I never knew what became of that sweet momma cat.  21 years later I still think about her from time to time.

Lady at 4 years old
Lady our color-point DLH
Photo by Dawn Luttrall © 1991
Today I put my gifts to use raising Siberian cats to show and for family pets.  I also do extensive research on animal nutrition, natural health care, allopathic health care, and training.  I strive to produce kittens that break the mold.  They have all the beauty of purebreds with excellent health and extended longevity, which isn’t seen in many cats.  It is my hope that if I encourage my new kitten and cat buyers enough they will follow my natural rearing model and help support goals that benefit all of us, including our special kitty friends.

I have been active promoting the Natural Rearing and Raw Diet of our pets for many years, despite sometimes hostile responses from other breeders and owners.  Now more people seem to be embracing at least part of the model and are much more open-minded seeing how healthy the cats can become.  I am delighted to finally be meeting other like-minded breeders and owners. It is so refreshing to not feel as if we are in hostile territory all the time. It would be much easier to just ignore all the people asking for help with their animals, and thus avoid bringing attention to ourselves, but we can never ignore someone in need.

Our Future Plans:

A farm where we can both work at home and help to change the world through promoting sustainable agriculture and traditional nutrition models as promoted by the Weston A Price Foundation.

More children to expand our family if we are so blessed.

Thank you for reading our mini-biography.  Please come back again for updates.


Dawn, Doug & Gabriel. Connor, Mehlika, and Charlie ( our dogs) & the Pendraig Kitty Gang

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