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NEWS:Gemma has been featured in the May 2011 Cat Fancy Magazine Siberian Cat article on pg 28. Thank you, Helmi Flick for the photo and submission!

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Our stunning red solid (or red self) cat, Sonja.  She is out of exclusive foundation Siberian Cat lines imported directly from Russia.
Pendraig Red Sonja SunFire
Photo by Helmi Flick © 2010

Pendraig Red Sonja SunFire (Sonja)

Birth date: 03/03/05

Color: Solid Red with Green eyes (SIB d)

Foundation Line Queen - Retired


Sonja is our pride and joy, the cat of my heart and the true keeper of my soul.  She was born during a very rough time in my life when I had given up on love and was trying to shut out even the animals.  It would have killed me to do so, so the powers that be sent this guardian angel down to me.  She wouldn’t take no for an answer and had to have me for herself.  She was determined from the day she was born and I do often wonder what kind of angel she is trapped in a cat’s body, yet completely content.  She reminded me how beautiful love can be and showed me hope where I thought there was none.

Sonja has a proud lineage.  Her dam was a priceless foundation cat imported from Russia.  Her lines are completely new to the breed and she was judged to be of excellent Siberian cat type and thus allowed to breed and contribute to it’s future.  Because of her rare bloodlines Sonja is also a priceless asset to our breeding program and indeed, to the Siberian breed itself.  Her sire’s side, Boris, boasts an amazing pedigree that includes some of the greatest US Siberian cats.  She is the ultimate combination of new blood and old and is a symbol of strength for the Siberian Cat breed.

Sonja has the rare distinction of being a "solid" red cat. There aren't many of these in any breed and it is almost unheard of in Siberian cats though I have seen a few that were close. When we get professional photos done hopefully it will show up better than our homemade versions. She also has another rare thing for reds, beautiful green eyes. We hope she is passed both down to her future great great grand children!

Image of Red Solid Siberian Cat with Green Eyes.
Red Solid Siberian Cat w/ Green Eyes - Sonja
Photo by Dawn Campbell © 2010

Due to a tragic complication she was only able to produce one litter.  She is retired from breeding now but is still carrying out her mothering duties now as a great great grandmother and also a cat momma to my son.  She produced a fine son, Aslan, and through him another two generations that will continue her legacy.

Sonja is named after a childhood hero of mine from a movie called, “Red Sonja”.  She also carries her mother’s name as her surname, part of her legacy as the vessel of our most precious foundation bloodline.  Her son, Aslan, is registered with SunFire and each and every kitten born to this line will carry this name as well.

I love you my green eyed, darling girl!

Photos of Red Self Siberian Cat Sonja

Sonja is almost 5 years old in these photos. They were taken by Helmi Flick. Click on the photo for a larger image.

Image of Red Siberian Cat female.

Image of self red Siberian cat

Image of Red Solid Siberian Cat with Green Eyes.

Image of Red female Siberian cat.

Image of Red Siberian Cat Sonja

Image of Red Solid Siberian cat


More Photos of Pendraig's Red Sonja SunFire



Image of Red Solid Siberian Cat with Green Eyes. Our stunning red solid (or red self) cat, Sonja.  She is out of exclusive foundation Siberian Cat lines imported directly from Russia. Image of orange Siberian Cat at Pendraig. Image of Red Self Siberian Cat Sonja. Image of Red Solid Siberian Cat Sonja. Image of red siberian cat. Image of Red Siberian Cat Sonja Image of red siberian kitten with green eyes.Image of Siberian Kitten with green eyes. Image of green eyed Siberian Cat Sonja.



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