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Summer 2015: Siberian Kittens on sale!

05/23/2015 Rare goldens! Buy a Siberian Kitten!

Newborn Siberian Kittens have Arrived! Reserve yours today!

Siberian Cats Retiring & Rehome - We have 3 adultes to retire, find your true love Siberian Cat here and save by adopting a loving, healthy adult ready to retire.

WAIT! Before picking out a kitten read our Purchase Procedures . All Kittens sold by contract.

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  • TICA Member
  • TICA Code of Ethics Breeder
  • TICA Registered Cattery
  • CFA Registered Cattery
  • Eyes of Texas Cat Club Member (CFA)


Eco-Friendly Cattery--

We use non-toxic, environmentally safe cleansers, disinfectants and natural litters that are biodegradable.

Show your love for the planet by getting a truly healthy kitten from a cattery that does things naturally!

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NEWS:Gemma has been featured in the May 2011 Cat Fancy Magazine Siberian Cat article on pg 28. Thank you, Helmi Flick for the photo and submission!

Choose the Diet that's Right for you! Commercial Foods OR 100% Raw Diet OR A Mix of Both!

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The Best Food for Your Obligate Carnivore

Raw - Balanced, Fresh from Pastured Animals

We are often asked what we consider to be the best food to feed Siberian cats and that is simple. For all cats a balanced raw food diet of pure and clean animal products from pastured animals is ideal. This should ideally be a mix of raw meaty bones, chunks of meat and organ and some ground meat, organ, fat and bone mix to which a few quality supplements can be added.

This seems like a daunting task for many owners but we will show how easy, convenient and healthy this diet is for your cats and how it can also be affordable and good four your home as well. Also, and this may surprise many people, providing real raw food from pastured animals to your pets is also good for the environment.

Coming soon....

Raw Food for Cats is Healthy

Raw Food for Cats is Convenient and Easy

Raw Food for Cats is Affordable

Raw Food for Cats is Eco Friendly






We are located near Austin, Texas USA